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Our Mission

We promise an enjoyable and memorable experience through our culinary expertise. We will strive to offer you excellent service as you embark on a journey to India via our menu and delight your taste buds.....

About Us

Presenting to you is "The Indian Clay Pot". We have collected some of the most amazing recipes that span from the far north to the deep south. Now we bring them to you prepared by Chef Sai. Chef Sai has spent years crafting his skills after graduating with a culinary degree in India. His passion and talents were experienced in many 5 star restaurants and resorts throughout India and America. Many of our entrees are prepared fresh for you in actual clay pots imported from India. Giving you an authentic and traditional taste of India as well as being healthy. Our recipes range from mild to spicy and can be customize to suite your taste. We serve 100% Zabia Halal and can offer some recipes to accommodate guests who prefer vegan and gluten free.